Collins Lake Capacity

13,060 acre-feet of a maximum 49,500 acre-feet of usable water as of 10/19/2020.


YCWA Groundwater Fairness Act Resolution – September 30, 2016

GFA Resolution 2016-13

Groundwater Fairness Act – Legal Opinion

Letter to Proponents Submitted to Yuba County Water Agency

Groundwater Fairness Act – FAQ

The proposed Groundwater Fairness Act (Initiative)

Browns Valley Irrigation District

The Browns Valley Irrigation District (BVID) is one of the oldest continually operating irrigation district in the state of California. It was established on September 19, 1888 under the “Wright Irrigation Act.”

At present, there are 55,000 acres in the District served with 200 miles of open ditch and 70 miles of pipeline. The district has experienced rapid change over the past few years. What was a district serving water to pasture and orchard lands is now serving water to family orchards, garden areas and landscapes. The number of customers has grown from 300 to over 1500. Some water is being sold for domestic use and it is anticipated that more domestic water will be sold in the near future.

It is very likely that BVID will continue to change significantly over the next several years. Surrounding areas are being looked at for possible annexation. Miles of new pipelines are being planned to presently un-served areas as well as for piping existing ditches. Most of the changes will be driven by development in the area as BVID strives to keep up with the growth.

Forms Center

Irrigation Application

An Irrigation Application must be completed per parcel.

Service Application

Please contact the District Office to confirm current hook-up costs.

Water Loading Permit

You must obtain an approved water fill location site from the District Office & keep your water permit in your water truck at all times.