Spring Valley Project

Please use the links below for detailed information regarding The Spring Valley Project. Documents are in PDF format. If you have further questions or need assistance downloading the documents feel free to contact us.

BVID legal authority over Spring Valley Project:

Under California law, BVID is required to provide water to all landowners in its territory, if water is available and if the landowner pays the appropriate charges to hook up to existing BVID facilities or if none exist, to pay the cost to construct facilities to bring BVID water to the property. The Spring Valley Group owns or controls the right to purchase about 2,500 acres of property in BVID. BVID’s engineers have determined that BVID has more than enough water available to provide the 4,000 acre-feet of water requested by the Spring Valley Group. BVID has no right to discriminate against or refuse to provide water to any landowner, including the Spring Valley Group. Therefore, BVID is required by law to provide the water requested by the Spring Valley Group.

BVID only has the authority to provide water service. It has no land use planning, permitting or other approval or entitlement authority over the Spring Valley Project. All such authority is vested by law in the Yuba County Board of Supervisors. Hal Stocker is the Supervisor that represents this area. Any member of the public that opposes the project should address his or her objections to Mr. Stocker because he and his four fellow supervisors have the authority to approve, reject or require significant modifications to the Spring Valley Project.

Definition of Domestic versus Irrigation (commercial) water use

Cowell v. Armstrong: the California Supreme Court case with the most comprehensive discussion on the topic. Please see the highlighted section on page 4. (click here)

PDF Links:

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Staff Report for 12-15-2010 BVID Board Meeting: introduction to Spring Valley Project Funding Agreement and Will Serve Letter (click here)

Will Serve Letter, 12-15-2010 (click here)

Spring Valley Funding Agreement, 11-08-2010 (click here)

Will Serve Letter, 04-26-2011 (click here)

Amended Spring Valley Funding Agreement, 04-28-2011 (click here)

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