Dry Creek Recapture Project Water Study


Browns Valley Irrigation District (BVID) is working on a project to improve water quality in the Yuba River called the Dry Creek Recapture Project (Project). This project will allow the District to recapture warmer runoff from customers′ property that returns to Dry Creek and Little Dry Creek (return flows) for redelivery within the District.

The reduction of flows in Dry Creek below the Project site also will reduce the likelihood that migrating salmon and steelhead would be attracted into Dry Creek. Reducing the flows from Dry Creek into the Yuba River would help salmon and steelhead because water temperatures in the creek are generally considered to be too high to support successful spawning and survival. This Project has an added benefit to BVID because it will help protect its existing water rights and reduce the overall cost of water deliveries.

The funding for this Project comes from two state grants (Prop 204 and Prop 50), which require a 10% cost match by BVID. This means that the District will be able to construct the Project for one-tenth of its actual cost.

Water Study/Outage

In order to verify the amount of water that the District would be able to recapture through this project, BVID has scheduled a water study that will run from mid August through mid September. Specifically, the study will determine the amount of water in Dry Creek/Little Dry Creek that comes from BVID return flows. Under its water rights, BVID is permitted to recapture return flows but not water that flows from springs, groundwater and other sources. During most of the study period, BVID′s normal operations will not be affected.

Please note, however, that beginning Monday, September 5, the District will stop all water deliveries in the Collins Lake Service Area to measure the reduction of flows in Dry Creek. Water deliveries will resume sometime on September 8, with the system fully restored within a few days. This outage is necessary to allow BVID to assess and document the quantity of return flows available for recapture by the Project.

In order to minimize any negative impacts, BVID has scheduled this outage as late as possible in the irrigation season. However, we regret any inconvenience that this outage may impose on your irrigation program. For more information please call (530) 743–5703, or stop by the office (Mon. – Fri., 7:30 am – 3:30 pm). For more information on the Dry Creek Recapture Project